Sunday, April 08, 2007

Quick Pic for Saturday....

Made this for our decorator as a thank you. She TOTALLY didn't "get" it. How awkward and embarrassing. She just kind of stammered and said, "Oh......(insert long pause coupled with puzzled expression here) thank you." Of course then I felt the need to "explain" every image and rambled on and on like an idiot. Afterwards it made ME feel like throwing something with wild abandon, that's for sure! LOL! Ah well. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter day! We had SNOW flurries this morning in Texas! Unreal weather! The boys were like maniacs trying to catch the flakes on their tongues:)
I just thought of something. Maybe I should have made her collage say, " She spent my money with wild abandon!" LOLOL!!!


Lori said...

I Love It!! I get that reaction too when I show stuff to people who just don't GET it. That is part of the reason I decided to blog, it is visiting with friends who like all the things you do and best of all they DO get it!!

ArtsyMama said...

Thanks for the very kind comments on my blog. I would love for you to add my link. Thanks!

Your art is absolutely stunning! I love it. So sorry to hear that the recipient didn't get it. That can be so frustrating!!

Keep up the wonderful inspiration.
Happy Easter!

Angela said...

Wonderful piece! It's beautiful! I hope that you have had a wonderful Easter as well!

bag o chips said...

amen sista

Izabella said...

this piece is gorgeous!! your art is so amazing~

I can relate with the reactions of art, especially from my family, they just don't get it~

xo ~Bella

Karin (creativechaos) said...

What's not to get?!?! It's beautiful!

Heather said...

well your decorator is a dork because this is AWESOME! tell her to give it to me.. LOL

PS I'd LOVE to swap blog links with you ;)

cheryl said...

FTD baby FTD!

dolls of yore said...

I live in a world populated by people who don't "get it." I truly feel your pain. I would be so honored and delighted to receive such a gift! Your art is incredible.


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