Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A FIT That's Fit for Your Mother...I'm Special...Thank You Guinea Pigs...

There are two photos for today's FIT. The first is a photo from France from the late 1800's. This sweet cutie has wiggled right out of one of her black stockings. I love how she is looking right into the camera. What an adult look for such a tiny thing!

The next FIT photo is included for Mother's Day coming up. It really is such a sweet moment captured between Mother and Child. I love the christening gown the little one is wearing and the proud look on Mother's face. I forgot to add yesterday that the baby's name is Hazel Louis Denny and she is 5 months old. So SWEET!!
Why am I special you ask? Well, it's because I am now the owner of an original art piece, "Maude and the Lucky Bug", from Tumblefish Studio. Wonderful artist Miss Marsha Jorgensen created the most vibrant and special collage piece using sweet Maude from the FIT images. I was lucky enough to grab it from her awesome ETSY shop and I LOVE it so much!!!! She hand colors her collage elements and they are truly works of art. Although this is my first piece from Marsha I know it won't be my last. If you haven't already visited Marsha's blog then get ready to be blown away by her creative moxie. You must be warned though, she is quite addicting:)

Maude and the Lucky Bug . . .Copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 1/23/09
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all the brave souls who fell into my trap...I mean, volunteered to help me with my digital collage sheets. LOL!! I will begin emailing them at the beginning of next week. It is not too late to send me your email at askarteology@yahoo.com
I am looking forward to your feedback. The good and the bad:) Love, Jamie

Monday, March 30, 2009

Running In And Running Out....

Just running in to post some digital work to get it off my desktop:) I have some really special FITs for you tomorrow and a favor to ask you gals who use digital collage sheets. I am making some for the store, but I would really love some practice in sending them through the email and getting some feedback on print quality, etc. So if you are willing to help me out I would love your email address so I can send you some sheets early next week. My email is: askarteology@yahoo.com

Thanks so much Ya'll!

Love, Jamie

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Is Busting Out All Over FIT!!!!...We Are Home From Disney....Disney Photos (indulge me:)

Spring has sprung officially in our town and I am FINALLY in the mood for it! The FIT for today is a beautiful colorized photo from the 30's or 40's. It is perfect for your Spring arting. We are home from Disney happy and tired. I have lots of photos to share with you when I get some time to post more. I just wanted to get the FIT up before it was a FIW:) I have missed you all and hope that you are all having some Spring too:) Love, Jamie
Ok. I am all unpacked!! Yeah! Here are some (about 1% LOL!!) of the photos from Disney World. It was a PERFECT vacation and we all had a fabulous time. My husband is a total nut and ordered ALL the Photo Pass pictures. (Disney has professional photographers at all the big attractions and character meetings to take your photo. Then they scan a little card and when you get home you can download them from the computer. For a price. Very slick, that Disney. They think of everything:) He says, "Their first trip is Once in a lifetime, Right?" Ok, Happy Boy, step AWAY from the computer. He must be still flyin' high on Disney Magic:) These photos are a combination of ones we took and ones from Photo Pass.
This is the inside lobby of the Animal Kingdom Villas where we stayed. It was so cool and we could see animals right outside from our balcony! They even had an animal check list with descriptions and pictures of all the animals you might see outside. We checked off ostriches, giraffes, zebra, Roan antelope, blesboks, Ankole cattle, Nyalas, wildebeest, East African Crowned Cranes and eastern White Pelicans. Oh, and a bunny. We made our own check box for the bunny:) All without leaving the villa. TOTALLY cool!

David and James enjoyed the warm weather and the pool. Of course James (who LOVES the ladies) made lots of new friends! LOL!!!

We spent the day at the Animal Kingdom for David's birthday. He wore a hat that looked like a birthday cake and I do believe that every person who worked at Disney that we saw that day wished him a Happy Birthday. They really go out of their way to be helpful and sweet there. He had a blast!

Here are the boys meeting Mickey for the first time. They got autographs from all the characters during the week. I know that James really believes in his heart that they are real. Swoon!

This is us in front of Expedition Everest which is a huge roller coaster in the Animal Kingdom park. David and my husband rode it first thing that morning and it was very foggy and cool looking. I did not ride it. NO.

James was chosen for Jedi training in front of the Star Wars ride in the MGM Hollywood Studios park. Really BIG deal and I know he got in because his father was yelling so loud for them to pick him! LOL!!!! Ok. First, I have never seen him so serious and proud. Second, I want to be a Jedi if that guy is going to teach me! LOL!! After they learned their Jedi moves then Darth Vader came out and they all got to fight him with their light sabers. HOW COOL IS THAT? That Darth Vader was about 7 feet tall and really scary and James fought him like a true Jedi. It was AWESOME!!

And finally this is James in the Magic Kingdom. They asked him to hold out his hands when they took his picture and then when we downloaded the photos yesterday they had put Tinkerbell in his hands. Magic. (I put the frame around him.)
Disney really is a Magical place. Seeing it through the boys' eyes was so wonderful. Having my Mom there was extra special. I don't think I have ever smiled so much. Ever.

Friday, March 06, 2009

A Whole Heap of FITS...Disney Here We Come!..Pitter Patter...

We are leaving Saturday morning for a week long trip to Disney World!! I have been busy packing and getting us ready. So I am posting enough FITs (Free Image Tuesdays) for this week AND next. The boys are so excited (and so is Momma!) and David will be celebrating his 9th birthday while we are there. We are staying in a Villa in the Animal Kingdom Park and we will be able to see the wildlife right from our balcony. They even give you night vision goggles so you can watch the animals in the dark!! How cool is that?!

First off, here is a FIT for my Posse of Paper Cowgirls!! We are going to have so much fun in June girls! This is a Real Photo Post Card. I have several of this same young lady at different times of her life. She is unidentified, but on the back of one of the post cards it says, "How do you like this one, Uncle? Love, Snookums" So, Snookums she is!
This Sweet Cutie is ADORABLE!!! I love the wilted flower he is clutching in his little hand. Sweet boys make me swoon:)

This Precious Little Girl is named Mildred Stowell. What is she doing in the photo? Well, the back tells us that, "Kittie scratched her" So she is looking at her booboo. Poor, sweet Mildred. I love the coloring of the photo and her big, pink bow:)

I included this Sweet Piece of Vintage Eye Candy for next week. He's so handsome and if you look closely he has a photo pin of his sweetheart on his jacket. Lucky Girl!

Now, this cabinet card is truly one of my favorites! As you know, I was a teacher for 10 years before the boys came and I loved it and still miss the classroom. This is a class photo of a teacher and her students. They look like they are very well to do girls. They are all so beautiful and dreamy looking to me. I really love the poses the photographer placed them into for the picture. I am sure they were a close group of girls. The added bonus to this cabinet photo is that all of the students and the teacher are identified on the back. It's a rare combo of a perfect photo and personnal identification.

A few weeks ago Sweet Colette asked, "What makes your heart go pitter-patter?" My antique/vintage flower frog collection made me happy this week. The boys like to stack them up and hang Lego men from them:) What made you happy this week?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Here's a Few FIWs...

Butterfly Boy

Digital collage using FIT images (boy and tintype) and antique butterfly print.

It's Free Image Wednesday! Sorry! LOL!! I guess it's better than a FIF or a FIS:) These are two Carte de Visita photographs from the late 1800s. They are not from the same family, but I think they look like Brother and Sister. Both children are beautiful and would make great collage subjects. I am working on one using the boy:) See above. My blending skills leave ALOT to be desired, but I am happy with how the wings turned out. David says they are freaking him out and that I am going to scare people away from my blog. LOL!!!

Things I Am Thankful For Today: My Health, My Family and My Friends


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