Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Image Tuesday... On. A. Tuesday... Miracles Never Cease...

I could tell you about all the wonderful art I am creating. I could tell you about it, but it is just not happening for me lately. I feel very scattered and displaced. Depression has been lurking and holding me. I am working to pull myself up by my bootstraps. All my arting things are still in boxes waiting for the studio to be done. Until then, I am sharing my studio "office" space with my husband and not too many pretty things are happening there. Bills aren't pretty or exciting or inspiring so, it's just FITS right now. I have loved all of your comments and sweet emails and even phone calls:) I can Yak and Yak. Yes, Lori? LOL!! It never fails to amaze me how incredible this Blog World has become in my life. People who don't blog do not understand the connections we make here. The Friendships we create here. It seems strange to the outsider. It feels like Home to me. It feels like Family. Love, Jamie

She seems so grown-up. Her hands are tightly closed so I wonder if she was stressed or nervous about the photo shoot. Lovely dress and stockings:)

I love how his sleeves are too long and that he is standing on a bench. His cheeks have been lightly tinted. So sweet!!! I think there is a hidden mother behind the curtain who is holding his head still for the photograph. What do you think?

Look at those sweet curls!! She is just precious!!!

Civil War era gemtype tintype in a decorative frame. These were created to allow gemtypes to fit in the newer CDV albums.

"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
     ~Anais Nin

Looking through my Valentine flower photos today I found a perfect heart within this rose. I am glad I took a second look.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is my Three Muse piece for the nature challenge. Thank you Ladies!! The rose is from my Valentine:) Love, Jamie

Friday, February 12, 2010

Did He Ever Get My Paper? No...

Oh well.  I will have to wait until the Spring:)

Our little patch of Texas got over 10 inches of snow yesterday.  We even beat our record for most snow fall in 24 hours.  It is amazingly beautiful and a real treat for the boys.  Here are some pics I took today:

First picture of the day.

Welcome to Texas!
The cardinal couple are NOT happy with the state of their birdfeeder!

Beautiful trees

More beautiful trees

Even more beautiful trees.

A Texas sized snowball!  I never knew snow could get so heavy!

Thank you for all your sweet comments:)  Remember to go one post down and grab the FITS for this week.  They are exceptionally sweet:)  And remember you can find all the FITS in one place by clicking on the FIT banner to the right!  Love, Jamie

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Home Snow Home and FITS for You!...

First snow at the new house:)

I can't believe my husband walked all the way out there to take this picture and he STILL did not get the paper.  Now it is under over 5 inches of snow.  Can you believe it?!  In Texas?!!!  The boys survived school and the snow has not stopped pouring down since 3 am.  We will end up with 6 or 7 inches before it is all over.  Beautiful.  We will not be having school tomorrow for sure.  And I made chili.  So it's all good:)

Here are some random photos from today:)

View from my front porch

Sweet Cardinal couple who have claimed the birdfeeder for themselves:)


Garage and Snow

My Sweeties having a snowball fight.  And yes, I got hit too.  Not cool boys.  Not cool.

FITS for You!
Beauty Tintype from the civil war era

Little boy cabinet card
Baby Girl tintype from the civil war era
Sweet little girl cabinet card

Snow In Texas...

Front Doorway , originally uploaded by art-e-ology.
Anyone wanna go get my paper? I will have more pictures when the rascals get home from school:) Love, Jamie

ps-I also have some FITS to post this afternoon!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Free Image Tuesday on a Saturday:)...

Tintype image from the late 1800's.  Approximately 2 by 3 inches. in size.  What a hat, huh?

Sweet Big brother and Sister cabinet card.  The verso (back) of this card states:"Instantaneous Portraits of Children A Successful Specialty"

These three lovelies are siblings.  George, Frances and Elizabeth.  There is no last name written.  These CDVs are from Liverpool and date from the 1860's.

The Fine print:  FIT images are free for you to use in your mixed media collage and digital artwork.  I would love to see what you create:)  They are not to be used in collage image sheets for sale or image CDs for sale.   All materials shared on this blog are from my own personal image collection. 


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