Saturday, September 05, 2009

FIS...Somehow That Does Not Work As Well As FIT, LOL!...

"Jackson" Original Digital Collage by Jamie Miller
image used from my personal collection

Oh My!!!!! What a whirlwind everything has been!!! What were we thinking?!! LOL!!! In less than two weeks we found a house, made an offer, got approval for the loan, got it inspected, got issues fixed, started the boys at their new school, called in contractors to paint and touch up the old house after we move, changed over to the new address for all the bills, had utilities and what not set up for the new house, got movers ready to go and have been packing every day. We close next Wednesday and move on the 12th, next Saturday. All in all, it is kind of like ripping off a band-aid. The faster the better:)

The new school for the boys is AWESOME!!!! They are really wonderful and have welcomed us with open arms. That means so much to us. They only attended their old school for two days before they switched so it was not too bad changing. They were sad at first, but the new school is so great and they love it.

Unfortunately, while they were still at the old school a little boy ran into David and hit his left ear. The one he had surgery on in July. The one we have had to be so careful about all summer. Ear drum grafts are very fragile and you really have to baby them. I took him to the ENT surgeon and sure enough his ear graft has been torn. We are hoping/praying that it closes back up on it's own, but that's rare and we are most likely looking at another surgery in the Fall. In the mean time, poor David can not have PE or recess. He can't even go outside in case someone else runs into him. He is being very good about the whole mess. I, on the other hand, am a total wreck. I know that the new surgery will be more involved this time. I know it will be more painful and have a longer recovery time. It makes me so sad for him. He was so brave for the last surgery. He spent the whole summer with no swimming and no running/playing to ensure the graft took and it was all for nothing. Now he can not play baseball this year. He can not do anything active. It feels really frustrating and really unfair. I am like a petulant child with this one. I want to throw a temper tantrum and get my way. Silly. I know. It will be ok and he will be ok and we will do the best that we can do.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes and sweet new house thoughts. I have not even sat down at the computer until yesterday when I made "Jackson". I can't tell you what a relief it was to just be and create and not think of anything but the work before me. It was a much needed reprieve from all the crazy:) So, here is the original image for you to play with also. He is such a sweet Boy. I have left him as I found him. Scratches and all. When I have some time I will clean him up for you:) Sometimes imperfection is just perfect.

To all my Sweet Art-e-ologists (Followers and Lurkers),

You all add joy to my day and knowing you are there is such a wonderful feeling. Thank you for your support and friendship. Love, Jamie


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