Thursday, August 12, 2010

Art...Alli...and FITS...


"Fly" a digital collage by Jamie Miller (cloud texture by Sweet Marsha:)
background texture by Sweet

“Come to the edge, he said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came.
He pushed them and they flew.”

~Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1919)

I feel like I am pushing the edges all around me.  Seeing what I am capable of and able to tolerate.  Sticking my toe in the water.  Feeling around in the dark.  It's a whole new world for me. 

I started using Alli with my meals.  The nutritionist said that if I am going to be practicing eating well then why not use Alli to help maximize my weight loss.  Now I am using it and I am very careful about my fat gram intake.  Alli can have some really yucky side effects if you eat a high fat meal.  And, Lord knows, I don't want to shart myself in the Walmart.  So cucumbers it is:)

These next three photos are your FITS for the week.

I love the little boy in the chair so much!!!   That hair kills me.  I call him the Lollipop Kid:)   He is beautiful beyond words.

She is a true beauty and I have the original for you and also one I have colorized.  I love her hair and think she looks so modern.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thank you so very much for your sweet words and support.   Love, Jamie

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Photos...Arting...Now, I Am Un-Abilified and FIT Images...

Hello Sweet Friends.  These are photos that I FINALLY downloaded out of my camera:) 

The first is a wonderful sunset from a few months ago.  When I was looking at the downloaded images I could not believe I got the sun shining out of the break in the clouds like that.  Fabulous!!!

This flower and all my flower shots are from the gardens at Debbie's (my therapist) office.  I love to walk around there after we talk and just be.  I always see something wonderful.

These bunnies come out early in the morning and eat the birdseed that has fallen on the ground from the bird feeder.  And the bread I put out there too:)  Aren't they the CUTEST?!!!!

Once again I am overwhelmed at the kindness, love and generosity you all have shown me.  It helps so very much to know I am not alone.  Hearing your experiences lets me know I am not alone.  Your Sweet wonderful words let me know I am not alone.  I am so grateful I can come here and be myself.  Thank You All So Much!!

On the meds front I have been un-Abilifed.  I started having horrible edema (swelling) in my legs and feet.  The doctor put me on Lasix and from Friday until Monday when I went back I had lost 15 pounds of water weight.  Holy Crap!!  I only wish you could pee real pounds out like that too!  LOL!!!  I really hate that i can't take it because it made me feel so much better.  So I have to wait three weeks before we can stir up another cocktail.  Until then I am hoping I continue to feel productive.  I am arting like mad and I LOVE it.

I am sending hugs to you all!  I have answered all the wonderful comments and emails.  Thank you so very much:)  Love, Jamie

These next three pieces are new art I made this week. 
"Everydays" Digital Collage by Jamie Miller (inspired by the words of Sweet Kim of Gerushia's New World.
For image and texture info click here.

"Sorrow" Digital Collage by Jamie Miller
For image and texture info click here.

"Eight Days" Digital Collage by Jamie Miller
For image and texture info click here.

Free Image Tuesdays on a Thursday!!!

These are from a photo I took at the Butterfly house with the boys:)  I turned them into a snip for you!

These three sisters are so sweet.  I always love those gigantic bows!!!!!  Their names are

Alice, Addie and Jeannette:)

Look at this Sweet Monkey!!!  My favorite part is the perfect dimples on the back of his hands.  Baby hand dimples are precious!!!!

The back of this card is really pretty.  I cleaned it up and erased the photographer's name for you here:

What can you do with this? Anything you want! I used it for my blog name and address:)

Quote for the Day:

“Family... a group experience of love and support.”
~Marianne Willianson


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