Monday, March 30, 2009

Running In And Running Out....

Just running in to post some digital work to get it off my desktop:) I have some really special FITs for you tomorrow and a favor to ask you gals who use digital collage sheets. I am making some for the store, but I would really love some practice in sending them through the email and getting some feedback on print quality, etc. So if you are willing to help me out I would love your email address so I can send you some sheets early next week. My email is:

Thanks so much Ya'll!

Love, Jamie


Lori said...

those are really cool Miss Texas!!!

Linda Cain said...

Beautiful, beautiful work!


Tina said...

These are nice lookin' the little bit of words~

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oooh! Such lovely images Jamie! Beautifully done, missy!

I'll email and be a tester! How fun!

Tacey said...

What lovely images, Jamie. I especially like the one with the brick..very cool!

vintage wil said...

Beautiful work Jamie !!
look on my blog i have a Award for you.


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