Tuesday, April 24, 2007

May basket and Free Image Tuesday!......

Here's a sneak peek at my May basket for the May basket swap over at Artsymama's place. I am not cut out to arrange floral stuff. Or make and tie bows and ribbon. Or cut fabric. I have fussed with this thing until I can't do anymore! Lila honey, I hope this thing gets to you in one piece. Everything is glued down with epoxy, so I hope it makes the trip. I kind of made it into a hidden glen where fairies have fairy tea with fairy sweets. I'm going to put something across the front, but I haven't figured it out yet. I hope this counts, because my first attempts at a "traditional" May basket looked like they were arranged by my three year old! LOL!!!
Since we are so close to Mother's Day I thought I would share a Mother picture. This is a RPPC (Real People Post Card) I love these because they were available to many people who could not afford professional pictures and they show more everyday life than a studio photo. They also represent a time when communication through the mail was the main way families kept in touch. You may use this image as you wish, it is from my personal collection. If you do, please let us know so we can see your creation:) Don't forget, one of the first posts I made I posted a Mother and child photo that would be awesome for Mother's Day too. Go back and grab it too!


Angela said...

What a wonderful post! Love the picture! Would make a great collage!

Lori said...

Thanks for the freebie.
I love your basket. I think your tea party idea is both ingenious and adorable. I am sure the recipient will be most thrilled.

"Early Bird" said...

I think that is an awesome May basket! I love the little tea set you included!!
Again...thanks for the pic!!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

I am a big teapot person, LOVE them, and I am so ready to turn the Mermaid Man shrink ray on myself so I can go and have a tea party in your arrangement!!

You are such a lovie!

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

I think the little miniature Fairy Garden feel with the whole little tea table is adorable!!!!!! You've got a great idea there. Shoot. Wish I had thought of that! LOL!


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