Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Even Husbands Can Be Crafty!....

Meet the Hanes Bunny! My husband watched the kids while I was at the store and he fashioned this out of the 7 year old's dirty socks. Niiiice, Honey. Anyhoo, he said they played with it for about 45 minutes. Think of all the money we could have saved at Christmas time! If I had only known they wanted dirty sock animals I could have hooked them up! LOL!!! After I took this picture the 7 year old insisted on sleeping with it. Next time, I'll take the kids with me.
PS-Thanks for all the sweet thoughts for MY Bunny Boy! He seems to feel better today AND he slept through the night. YEAH for me!!!!

Collage using vintage photo reprint, vintage text, acrylics, charcoal, stamps, magazine cutouts and sumi ink.


tracy said...

this is beautiful. ox

purple cucumbers folk art said...

I used to sat on the porch shelling and shucking corn and beans so being them on, we will all have a great time.

Lori said...

I love this!! I bought supplies to do this kind of work, but I am afraid to start. There is something about painting and drawing on something- maybe I'm afraid I'll ruin it somehow.
I am so glad your baby is feeling better.
And also, I think it is sweet that your husband was entertaining the kids!! How cute!! {I'm so sure he would appreciate being called cute - DON"T tell him!!}

Anonymous said...

Ohhh how outstanding! I love it!

Susan Tuttle said...

What a beautiful collage--I love the sepia tones! That sock bunny is hysterical! What is it about kids and pets???--they love all the toys that are not really toys--know what I mean?

Thanks for the kind comments on my blog!


Matroskin said...

Yes, children play with the strangest things. My son had an obsession at one point with those heart-shaped make up sponges which are made out of some ultra soft material. I actually had to buy him some when they got lost, and he insisted on taking them to bed with him!

Of course you can add my blog to your list. What an honour!


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