Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Grateful...FIT and Mr. Creepy/Beautiful...

First, I have to say thank you to all the wonderful people who have visited over the past week and left comments on the OWOH giveaway. I am so overwhelmed with the Sweet Folks and Friends I am meeting. So, I have decided to add some extra goodies to the giveaway, for a total of 11 giveaways, since the response has been outstandingly incredible this year. Lisa! Girl, you did good!

Extra Goodies for OWOH!!!
I am adding four more collage sheet packets and four more ledger sheet packets into the fray. Yeah!!!! I wish I had enough to give them to you all. I love all the warm, mushy feelings the One World, One Heart Giveaway produces in everyone. Better than chocolate! Almost;)

Today's FIT is a beautiful family of three. They are unidentified and the photo seems to have come from an old photo album. The back still has little bits of black paper sticking to it in places. They are dressed so nicely and the Daddy looks like he is wrapped around his little girl's finger. AND Mom is kind of rockin' the Princess Leia hairdo! LOL!!!!

I call this guy Mr. Creepy/Beautiful because when I saw him for the first time he looked strange and creepy but then, after I looked at him for awhile he was actually kind of beautiful to me. He has perfect lips and nice eyes. I don't know, maybe I am crazy, but I kind of dig him:) What do you think?


Linda Cain said...

He really could have been an actor or something. He is rather beautiful for the time he lived in.
I LOVE cabinet cards..the images seem to talk to you.

Kim Mailhot said...

Creep/Beautiful Indeed ! I think the hair being greased down and parted doesn't help. Maybe if her were rocking a mullet ot something...;-)

Thanks for the FIT and thanks for added more treasures to the OWOH - can you believe this lovefest is growing and spreading ? So great !

Happy Tuesday !

SarahD said...

Hi Jamie thanks for the fit and look at those goodies...wow someone is going to be extra specially lucky to recieve this..here's hoping its me

Sarah xx

Gail said...

I'll put him in my halloween image file, what fun I could do with him with my halloween crafting!!!
Thanks for the images, as always, they're great!

Maija said...

His face is the kind I adore! I've altered a lot of cabinet cards, and I always start with a back story- I thinks his must be very strange and wonderful!
I'm excited you are adding more of your papers to the giveaway- better's my chances for a win!

Tess said...

wonderful photos. Mr. Creepy looks like a distant member of the Adams Family. He looks to have such beautiful skin. I imagine him a doctor or attorney. Maybe a school teacher. The family is just precious.

Lori said...

*scream* you crack me up too Miss Texas..."mr creepy" and "princess leia"...LOL...something about that guy bothers me...maybe if he didn't look so very serious...because he does have lovely features...i see what you mean about that...how very nice of you to add extra goodies to the pot!!!

Tina said...

Thanks for the FIT...and because of OWOH, I found you :)

A bird in the hand said...

Jamie! I used a FIT image on fabric for a quiltie, but I don't have an email to send you a photo of it...... :(


Jen Crossley said...

Mr creepy/beautiful is rather cute in a funny creepy way

Sue said...

He has a sort of "dracula-ry" feel about him somehow.......or is that just me?? He is too "pretty" to be true otherwise!!!

vintage wil said...

wow what a beautiful cabinet card s !!!
thanks !!!

Barb said...

Thanks for coming by and leaving comments about the bird nest tutorial.. I really do hope you will try it, and I would love to post a photo if you do.

My 100th blog is coming up, and i think a bird nest would be a great prize to give away.

Barbra jean

Hanne said...

Thank you for the FIT!!!!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

He seems to have an angelic face. Maybe he is a bit more worried than creepy?

I need to go sign up for your lovely giveaway, what gorgeous papers!!


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