Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free Image Tuesday! And A Big Thank You!...

Before we get to the FIT, I wanted to say once more a great big THANK YOU to Sweet Lisa Swifka for another wonderful One World, One Heart Blog Giveaway Event. I am so enjoying meeting such great new artists and visiting their blogs. I am really glad we have the next month to get to all of them! Wow! What an awesome turn out we are having this year:)

Please feel free to use this image in your art pieces. Just click on the image to enlarge it and then right click and copy to your computer. I do ask that this and other FIT images are not used in collage sheets, image CDs or digital collage sheets for resale/profit. These are my personnal photos and I wish to share them with other artists. Thank you for respecting the FIT. Love, Jamie

Today's FIT is sweet little 5 year old Maude L. Van Hart. She has such soulful eyes. I really like the beaded necklace and anchor locket that she is wearing. I wonder if her parents' photos are in her locket? Where is her locket now? Tucked away in some one's hope chest? In an antique store jewelry case? Around the neck of an elderly woman who has long forgotten the names of the faces inside? We will never know, but I love thinking about the people in my photos. Everyone has a story. Do you have a story for Maude?

***Things I Am Thankful for Today-funny boys who grow too fast, naughty boys who try my patience and cuddle bug boys who warm my heart


Lori said...

she is just lovely Jamie!!!

vintage wil said...

o this is so gorgeous !!!
beautiful card.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I am so glad you wrote to me! I am honored to be on your blog list. It is so funny what you wrote about the music, our dads, and I was thinking yesterday I would ease my way into stalking you! We're leaving your other readers out of the loop here on the long running jokes from my end (should they be bored enough to read MY comments to you!), but I didn't want to stalk you and scare you right away. I have quickly become a huge fan of yours. I just fell in love with your blog when I visited it yesterday. I am so glad I found you and your work. So, cheers to our new mutual admiration and stalking careers!

By the way, this image is beautiful. I regularly share images I find that are copyright free (not from other blogs though) or that I own myself as well. So, we can share - feel free to take mine too!

Stalk you later!

Tami Roth said...

This is beautiful! I love your blog-thank you!

vintage wil said...

Jamie this is beautiful love your blog.
thank jou

Faye said...

Jamie, thanks for visiting my blogspot blog. I used your Maude on my wordpress blog. You can see what I did with your charming little girl at

this website.

Tineke said...

Beautiful Jamie

Linda Cain said...

Stunning, TFS!!!
Linda Cain


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