Thursday, January 08, 2009

Back To School Thursday!!!!!...

Permutations and Combinations
photo transparency from my collection, 1834 ledger paper with eggs printed on it and a 1840's math book page.

I'm starting back to Arting slow and easy. It feels really good to just be and let the paper do what it wants to do today. The boys go back to school from Christmas break this morning. I am going to miss those Monkeys, but I am ready for some Mommy time. Yeah! And labeling items for the garage sale this weekend. Boo! I hate getting ready for a garage sale. But, I know after Saturday that all the decluttered stuff will be out of the house. So, that's going to feel good. Yeah!

It seems like a lot of folks are doing the same thing right now. Getting rid of the old and organizing for the New Year. We are working towards getting the house ready to sell. (I know. We are crazy!) I have been looking around and thinking about what a potential buyer would see when they come through the house. It's not as scary as it was three weeks ago:) If anyone has any good tips, then send them my way. I can use all the help I can get. And if you are free Saturday then come on over and help me sell all my old crap to the masses. LOL!!!

***Things I am Thankful for Today: quiet time, promises from the boys that they will cuddle with me when they get home and arting.


Lori said...

GORGEOUS!!! i just love looks digital? are you doing that now? or did you print image on a patterned paper?
garage sale? yuk!!! love going to them...doing them? not so much!!!

Jamie said...

Hey Lori! The collage is a transparency of one of my photos, 1834 ledger paper with some of my eggs printed directly on it and an old math book page from 1840. Digital collage? Are you crazy?! I can barely turn on a computer! LOL!!

Amy said...

Great art. Good luck with your garage sale!!!!

Vintagebella ~ Andrea said...

That is darling!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is sooooo adorable! lovely lovely! As for your house - I find the HGTV shows on decluttering and whatnot very helpful. We would love to sell right now - but Michigan is such a bad state to live in. You asked about the paint - I used American Accents "Patina" indoor-outdoor paint. Bought it at Michael's. HTH!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie! Check out my blog for a little award I gave you! We have been in our new house for 7 months and already our basement looks like we have lived here for 55 years! I felt good cleaning out 3 boxes yesterday. A little at a time, right? Take care! Amy :)

Gail said...

I just discovered your blog and etsy shop and am so glad I did! I've bookmarked both of them and love your look. I too am drawn to the old photos, and thanks for sharing some of those with us....I'll be checking back frequently.


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