Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Free Image Tuesday and Thawing Out in Texas...

Saturday it was in the 80's. Sunday it was in the 30's. Yesterday we had an ice storm and lost power because of ice on the powerlines. Today it's going to be in 50's/60's. I can't keep up with the clothing changes for the kids! LOL!! At least the power is back on and we had fun with flashlights yesterday. Did you know that a five year old will chase a flashlight light on the floor for hours? HOURS. Excellent exercise.

The FIT for this week is such a sweet cutie! His identity is unknown but, this Carte de Visite photograph was taken in 1874 by Taylor and Preston Photography Studio.

Carte de Visite photographs measure 2.5" x 4". They first became popular in 1854 in France and were often left for friends and family while visiting. Hence the name "Carte de Viste" which means "visiting card". By the 1860's this type of photo had become popular all over the world and was used more than any other photographing process. The civil war times in the United States were so prolific for the Carte that a tax stamp was placed on the backs of the photos. This stamp also aids in dating photographs from this time period. Luckily, this photo was dated by the photography studio on the reverse side.

This child reminds me of my Sweet James. Of course, Sweet James would never sit still for that lace collar. A mother can dream, right? LOL!

Things I am Thankful for today...warm, sweet boys to snuggle, sugar free hot chocolate and sleeping through the night.


Lori said...

where did all of your color go? i was kind of digging that blue backround...this looks nice too though, very clean...i love that serious little face on this cutie!!! thanks for sharing...i wouldn't mind a little temperature variety right about now...we are stuck on "freezing"!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

I have missed you SO MUCH Jamie!!!!! I'm so glad you're back...and doing better sweet friend. We love you and missed you ~ it's a new year and I wish nothing but the best and much happiness for you ~ xxoo, Dawn

fran welch said...

i am so happy you are back too!
your work and blog look amazing.
and hugs to your boys....i have wondered how much extra work it would be to keep a child dressed for summer and winter all in one day!:)


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