Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Free Image Tuesday...Happy May Day!!!....Artwords Entry #51....

Here are two tintypes from the mid to late 1800's from my personnal collection. I love how the tintype images were hand-tinted. If you use these please send us a link to your art:)
I received my beautiful May Day basket from sweet Lila. We were joined together in the May Day swap hosted by Kari over at Artsymama. I love it Lila and thank you for the sweet candle and journal. I love the natural papers on the inside. Today is also Lila's oldest daughter's birthday:)

This is my Artwords entry for the botanical theme. I paper pieced all the elements using handmade papers, watercolor paper and scrapbook papers. I made a contact paper transparency for the wings. I think she's supposed to be Mother Nature.


Lori said...

Your artwords entry is fabulous as always!! Does it get tiresome cutting all of those tiny small pieces of paper??
Love your basket. That looked like such a fun swap. I looked at all of the pics on flickr and everyone really pulled out all the stops, ALL of the baskets were really wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

How lovely! Your blog is always one that I enjoy visiting. :) You always have something beautifully magical that meets my eye.

lila said...

I'm glad the basket arrived in good shape! thanks for posting it! I posted yours late last night, so it is on April 30th.

Your art work for the nature thememd entry is lovely. Were you an art teacher?

Cheryl said...

oh may!
I mean, oh my!
Okay, were u a southern hairdresser or what?
I really like ms botanical page. And I like her flowing hair. I get a sense of movement from the page.

"Early Bird" said...

I love your "Mother Nature"...I've been trying to work on my crafts but am hindered by a sore hand
It hurts to use the scissors!
What a pretty May basket!

Bella-Enchanted said...

Your baskets and your blog are lovely!Happy May Day!

Monica said...

Your artwords piece is gorgeous! Happy May Day!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

The basket from Lila is lovely as is the one you sent to her.
This paper piecing for Mother Nature is truly amazing! The contact paper wings have me quite intrigued, hmmm.

Karin (creativechaos) said...

Your paper piecing is beautiful! WoW! The detailing is incredible... The basket swap was so much fun! And yay for me! We finally get to do a swap together...I'm doing the tag swap with you! Talk to you soon!


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