Wednesday, May 30, 2007

That Ole' Black Magic.....

We got our new computer from Voodoo yesterday and I am SOOOOO excited! It totally rocks and I NEVER thought I could get so excited over a piece of electronics, but I have fallen in love:) When my husband first built it and ordered it to be made I was like, ok, whatever. He said it was the Ferrari of gaming computers and I was like, yawnnnn. But, once I saw it come out the box it was love at first site.
When we first opened the box it started playing music! It had a light activated music chip that was set off when we removed the top packing. The boys flipped out and of course spent the rest of the time in the bathroom turning on and off the lights to activate it. It also came with organic, chocolate covered espresso beans and Voodoo logo temporary tattoos and a tee-shirt. I love Voodoo:)

I love all the cool cut outs in the aluminum case. They remind me of Michelle Ward's art. The blue tubing (which I thought was just some new way to pimp out your machine) is actually liquid coolant that keeps the processors and video cards from overheating. LIQUID COOLANT!!! HOW COOL IS THAT? Totally! I am probably one of the most inept computer geeks of all time. Right, Lori?!? LOL!! So sorry for posting about this but, I think it's neat and thanks for indulging me. I may not have access to the blog until we get everything transferred and whatnot. In the mean time, I feel some art waiting under the surface ready to come out:)

I just thought of something! NO WONDER he didn't blink an eye at my little pile of books at the bookstore! I may just have to go back:)


Lori said...

dear fellow inept computer geek, Gee Willikers!! i never knew a 'puter could have so many bells and whistles!! couldn't see pics so i took a trip to the Voodoo site, WOW!!
good for you!!
p.s. as a "medical professional" i must advise against the eating of any mixture containing raw eggs!!
also, got my hands on that paperclay yesterday and WOWZER!! my projects are looking better all ready { or maybe thats just the wine talking }....

"Early Bird" said...

New techy stuff can be either exciting or intimidating...I'm glad it is exciting for ya'll!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

WOW!! I would have no clue what to do with it, but it looks really cool!!

Cheryl said...

very cool dear!
as a former techie, I am wowed and so impressed with their attentive packing - it is like they have me working for them ;-)
still, BYTM
let the games begin!
lv, C

Lisa H. said...

What a great post! How refreshing to see a company that weaves creativity into its marketing and packaging. You're SO right, the images and coolness factor is very "Michelle Ward"arty.These are the out-of-the-box-posts that get me excited....something in addition to delicious art-related info. Rock on!

Izabella said...

wow what a kool computer, going to have to check it out! wonder if they do laptops!?

love the ledger posts, I too have an obsession with collecting them~

re: the men images...yes, pleaz right click away ;)

xo!! Bella


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