Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hey All You Fabulous Ladies!!!!!....

That's how I tagged an email to my Tag Swap Gals. Only I forgot that my husband and I share an email. So when they got the email it had a man's name attached to it and they all thought some pervert named David Miller had hacked into our tag swap group! LOLOL!!! It made us all giggle so the next time I emailed I tagged it, "Dude looks like a Lady!". Good Times:) I am loving all the tags I have received so far ladies. You guys ROCK!

Well, I AM talking to all of YOU fabulous ladies. This wonderful artist Gina at Joyful Purpose is going to teach an art journaling class this summer for the Free Arts for Abused Children program. She asked for some help and if you have anything that's on her wish list please consider sending it to help enrich the lives of these girls. It's a great cause! Here is a copy of the list: ( There is no mailing address yet, but I am sure she will update it:)

My wish list for the girls ...
We need the following new or gently used items (all items are tax deductible donations through Free Arts)
rubber stamps
ink pads
caran d'ache neo color II crayons
water color paint
letter stamps
hole punches
punches any shape
rub ons
(please, only items that you would use yourself not things you would throw away :) )
If you can donate any thing from the list please let me know -

I personally am getting together a great big box and I think my husband will want to kiss Gina for motivating me to do it:) Thank you all for your wonderful and uplifting words yesterday. I am amazed daily at the support and community I feel here. Love you guys!


Cheryl said...

wow, that is such a good picture of Duke and Matt ;-)

"Early Bird" said...

when I first got an email from you I wondered "who the heck is this??"

Lori said...

i will donate some things...just keep me updated on where to send and deadline!!! sounds like a great cause!!

Erin Earls said...

I have a few things that I could send. just let me know when and where!

Angela said...

Wow! Great photo!


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