Saturday, March 10, 2007

The World is Waiting For You

collage with vintage image, vintage text, paint,ink and magazine images

Busy day and now the kids are on Spring Break for the next week. We don't have any specific plans, but I am sure we will figure it out as we go. I see Chuck E. Cheese in my very near future. We have house guests for the weekend and I am not sure the computer will be available until Sunday. My husband and his friend usually tie it up when they are together. TOTAL computer nerds. Hopefully, I will get some creative time to myself while they are occupied. Have a great weekend Ya'll!


cls said...

i love this on! i zoomed in and just saw the detail - what looks like painted sequins around the photo - NEAT! that is what i love about your art, every time you look at it, you find something new

Judy K said...

I love this piece! So much to look at and so much detail!


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