Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Mother's Love.....

This photo is from my personnal collection. Feel free to use it any way you wish. I love that they look so content and happy. If you do use it make sure to send me a link. I would love to see what wonderful creations you make! I am in the middle of making eggs. Don't know what to do with them yet, but I seem to be a little obsessed with them lately:) My mom sent some love through the mail yesterday. She makes beautiful jewerly and she made two new necklaces for me with stones that look like bird's eggs. She's my touch stone.


chief said...

I love the necklaces and photo!
did I tell you that I bought you some pics at Cat Spring last weekend? All boyz!
I keep meaning to scan them in or take pics to show you but this week has been kind of hellish.
I did finish the ZZ tee and my friend went NUTS over it. I can't wait to post but I am waiting for her pics because she will be back stage, she has promised me pics with the band. I feel sooo cool - even if it is second-hand :-)

Bejeweled said...

What lovely images - the mother and child photo is so sweet, the necklaces are gorgeous and so perfect for Spring, and those eggs!! Those are amazing! I'm sure you will find many, many uses for them. I love that you made so many -- nothing better than having plenty of a beautiful art component!


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