Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fun Was Had By all....

collage danglie using vintage image reprint,1940's metal bathroom tile, wire and beads

So sorry for the slow posting, but Spring Break is keeping us busy. Yesterday we spent 3 hours at McDonalds while the boys played. I brought papers, scissors and craft stuff to keep me busy. All the other Moms were giving me weird looks, but at least I was not just sitting there. I always try to have scissors and things that need to be cut out in my car in case we have wait times and I am bored. It is nice to have that stuff already done when you get ready to create. Today we spent the day at The Science Place exploring the exhibits and feeding the birds. No squirrels today. I think it was because there were too many folks around. When we were done we saw the Body Worlds exhibit and it was AWESOME!!!!! The boys loved it and were so respectful when they were talking about the bodies. One of them had their sternum and ribs pulled open to better show the chest cavity and my 6 year old asked me if that was to let his soul out. I thought it was so sweet. Here are some pics from today.

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Halo Askew said...

Da BOYZ! DOE DWEET! I'm glad you guys had a good time today...

And speaking of boys, you MUST check out this hilarious video of the Back Dorm Boys (a.k.a. the Chinese Backstreet Boys):


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