Thursday, March 08, 2007

I need the "coughy"....

That's what my 6 year old used to say in the morning and then he would pretend cough. Cutest thing to wake up to in the morning! I do NEED the coffee this morning. Last night was Cub Scouts and I am the den mother. Trying to keep 7 six year old boys focused at 7:00 pm is an act in futility. They are a really sweet bunch, but rowdy!:) Thursdays are my day to volunteer at the school where my son goes to first grade. I taught for 10 years before I had kids and I miss the role of teacher. But, being a den mother gives me my "fix" and has turned out to be a fantastic experience. I better get going on my day. If I hurry I can get a shower before the kids wake up.:)

Mixed media collage using a vintage image reprint, vintage text, ink and paint

For every second of every day their hearts ached for her.
Altered Cabinet card

1 comment:

Izabella said...

wow! your art is amazing! I see you teaching art :)

thanx for leaving your note on my blog, otherwise might I have found you?!

welcome to the land of blogging...I added your link to my artists' section

looking forward to seeing more of your art



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