Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Precious Spring FIT...New Pets...Law 7.24 And Lessons Learned...

So many of you are wishing for Spring so I thought this FIT was perfect for this week. This is a photo taken in the early 1900's and it once was in a black paged photo album judging from the back of it. It is printed on very thin paper and feels very fragile.
I love that sweetie looking at the lilies! The back of his head looks like my James when he was that age. I used the FIT photo, vintage bird and egg images from Sweet Dawn at The Feathered Nest and vintage nest image from Sweet Abbie at The Vintage Moth to make a little collage.

The boys got Hamsters yesterday. James is allergic to dogs and David is allergic to cats soooo hamsters it is! Two hamsters, two ultra cool glow-in-the-dark cages, two igloo houses, two food bowls, two sets of wooden chew sticks, two types of food to insure proper nutrition and almost two hundred dollars later we own hamsters. My husband is going to KILL me when he downloads Quicken this weekend. But, they are really cute and the boys are totally excited. David named his "Hamster Meal" and James named his "John". Please pray that the boys don't grow up to discover any new species of animals, because the naming thing..it's...just... no. LOL!!!
So, meet the newest members of the household and let's hope I can keep them alive longer than the hermit crabs.

Hamster Meal and his New Home
John and his New Home

Now, about Law 7.24. This law was introduced into our household last week. Being so excited about blogging again and meeting new friends and posting I have "apparently" been spending a little bit of my time on the computer. David, my 8 year old, handed this to me over the weekend.
Ummm, OUCH!!! Nothing like the honesty of a child to snatch you back into reality. So I am returning with a healthy dose of what's most important and a better respect for Law 7.24:)

Ok, here you go Paula!!! Garden ball bigger than a basketball. That's the tip of the iceberg Girl!

Tomorrow I am posting pictures of my wonderful OWOH art box from sweet Miss. Terri and a Valentine to myself from the talented Colette Copeland:) Can't wait!!!


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Jamie!! I just LOVE your FIT images and appreciate each and every one of them! Your collage is beautiful too! We've always had hamsters and I just love them, even had them as a little girl myself. They remind me of little teddy bears....I know your boys are so excited to have them! xxoo, Dawn

Laurie said...

OH, your hamster photo is precious in all the purple straw! And your son's reminder -- OUCH is right, but how wonderful to get that wake up call!

Paula said...

Hello Jamie! Thanks so much for your visit to my blog today and your sweet, sweet comments! It was great to hear from you!!

Oh, I love the little collage you did with the precious little boy photo, the bird nest and the wings. So, so adorable!

What cuties are Hampster Meal and John! And the names are so cute, too! :-) I actually had a pet white mouse once, and his name was "Sho-nuf." I think that came from one of the horrible 80's movies. So...not matter what, at least the boys didn't name one of their hampsters "Sho-nuf." Nuf said, right?

I LOVE the HUGE clay garden ball!! I thought mine was huge, but YOU SO WIN!!!! Aren't they so much fun?! I have so many of them all over the house, in the flower beds...I bought two others over the weekend. My husband actually said, "When do you think you'll have enough of these?!?! Subtle, eh? Too funny.

Your compliments on the house are so kind. Thank you so much. We have a lot of fun with it, and although the restoration work can sometimes be tough, it's so worth it. It's nice to look back and see just how far it has progressed. And I celebrate every time we lose a little of the hideous yellow linoleum flooring (4 rooms down, one to go) and horrible wall paper (too many rooms to count still to do). And if I EVER get rid of all the 1989 carpet, I'm going to throw a party...no kidding...a big giant party. What interesting work your husband did as project manager for a restoration company. That must have been FASCINATING. And in Charleston, no less! Charleston is one of our favorite places to visit, and the architecture there is so interesting...unique. I always love to see those big ole porches with the doors. We love to stay in an old B&B down in the Battery when we go. Oh, how I miss Charleston. I've been wanting to go back during the jazz festival. Maybe we will do that this year.

Yes, the photos in our library are family pictures. The two individual portraits are of my husband's maternal grandparents, and the group photo are of his great-grandparents' family. It's a lovely old photo. We have so many of the old family photos displayed around the house. I have one of my great, great grandmother taken in the 1880's. We love to have the generations of our families on display. I'm so into genealogy, and I love the old family portraits!

Wasn't Diane Sawyer's report so UNFAIR! Oh, I get so upset over this sensational journalism. It is so irresponsible, but we have seen our region portrayed that way for decades. The national media is adament about reporting on the exception and portraying it as the norm. It just isn't that way. Apparently, she is supposed to be doing a follow-up. I'm not sure I can stomach it. I get so infuriated!

Thank you for your supportive words concerning the baby bedding! I'm having the most difficult time picking out something. We have to keep it neutral since we won't know if we'll be adopting a boy or a girl. Green still seems a little too boyish for me in case it's a girl, so I've been considering yellow. But I ran across a beautiful blue toile that I would love to use (it will work for a boy or a girl), but I can't find any of the bedding sets that seem to be of a decent quality. The baby will BE here, and I'll still be trying to decide on bedding! *grin* But I'm so going to enjoy putting the nursery together. It makes everything seem that much more real... Oh, but the waiting is the toughest part!

Thanks again for your sweet, sweet message. Come back and visit with me again soon! And enjoy the rest of your week!!


Lori said...

hi Miss Texas...you go with your bad self...LOL...your collage is lovely...i love how you incorporated all of those shared images into your collage...SO cute...eeeeeeeeeeeps!!! those hamsters are totally adorable...cute names too...i have been accused by Jordan of being on the computer too much...so far no rules have been put into effect over it...that is TOO funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Aaawww, another precious old photo. :-) Where do you ever get all of these? It's nice to capture pictures from unaware subjects. That little boy picture is adorable.

And the hamsters are soooo cute snuggled in their new home -- new bed :-)

Oh I agree very much that no matter what one has been through there are always lessons learned. Hard as it may seem,still...

I had a wonderful Tuesday by the way, just as you hoped for me. Thanks!

Jaden Kai said...

Awesome.....kids know just how to get you!

Kim said...

Thank you for the FIT and the chuckle :). $200 for a couple of hamsters is just - typical , isn't it?
The computer thing though - there will come a time you'll have to arm wrestle them off of it , you know. Mine has discovered Toon Town , You Tube for Guitar Hero players , and cheats for everything. *gusty sigh*

Kim's Treasures said...

Jamie~ I received my package today and the prints are beautiful! Thank you so much for the extra goodies!

Your new hamsters are very sweet! Your sons sound like they love you a lot!

Have a wonderful day!
Kim V

Tess said...

Ahhh, I remember our hamster days. We had some cute ones over the years, and a mating pair of gerbils (all I can say is don't go there!). The collage is adorable. Definitely made me smile as it is springlike here today and weatherman is calling for snow by Friday, ugh!
I love the law and you are right, nothing like the babes to tell it like it is. :-)

Charlene said...

OUCH the note from your son hit more of us than you know. :) What you did with your image & Dawn's eggs was wonderful. And loved the wings.

Debra said...

Okaam loving little "John" there. Partly because of the lounging position, and partly because that is my son's name.
How cute, law 7.24? I will tell you that I used to be a big Star Trek fan. Anyway one day John came home from school after having made a page for the book the class was making "What your parents do". Apparently this was what I did, correction, this was "all" I did "My Mom sit's and watches Star Trek". How is that for reality? One hour a week translated into all I do.

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

that law 7.24 just cracks me up! I hope you save that forever and ever! I don't have little ones now....but it would be hard to pull myself away from blogging if I did!
What a sweetheart he is! In a few years you'll have to remind HIM of that law......


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