Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One World, One Heart Giveaway....

Materials: laser transparency of a full plate tintype from my personal collection, ledger paper and adhesive

We found out this week that my Father-in-law has to have an angiogram tomorrow morning and be admitted to the hospital. I will be taking him at 4:30am on the 12th. I will need to cut off sign-up for the One World, One Heart giveaway at 7:00pm tonight so I have time to post and contact the winners. Sorry for the short notice! I can't wait to see who wins! I will have 11 winners in all and hopefully you are one of them:)
I have a funny to share:) I ordered some assemblage supplies from a wonderful Etsy seller last week and they arrived yesterday. When I unwrapped the paper I found that she had used a recycled Duncan Hines Brownie box to ship them to me. Which is wonderful. Until. The boys got home and found the empty box in the trashcan and demanded to know where the brownies were and why they did not get any. I explained it to them, but I know they totally don't believe me. I can see it in their eyes! LOL!!! I can't believe I actually got some arting done today. Simple, but very satisfying. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! Love, Jamie
***Things I Am Thankful for Today-a nice long rain last night, arting and David & James the Dynamic Duo:)
Sorry about the weird looking post, but it was the only way that blogger would post it without clumping everything together onto one big honkin' paragraph.


Tiedupmemories said...

First of all...wishing your father in law lots of good health! My kids would have done the same thing! How funny!Also I absolutely love the angel image you did! Beautiful!

Tess said...

Your Angel is delightful, that is my youngest daughters nickname. I will pray all things turn out olk for your father-in-law.
The excitement is mounting with the OWOH. Hee Hee

Paula @ the Little Young House said...

Hi, Jamie! I am sending well wishes to your father-in-law. Love your Angel!!! So sweet. I have to tell you...if I went home and found an empty brownie box, I'd be asking my husband where those brownies were! Are you kidding?!?! :-) He can't have brownies without me! So, I'm off to try to visit more of the blogs. I know I haven't made it to all of them, and I'm running out of time!!!!! Isn't it all so exciting?!?!?

Hope you're enjoying your afternoon!

Lori said...

oh, ok...i just sent you an email...but i see my answer here...i hope all goes well at the hospital tomorrow...*HUGS* Miss Texas:)

blogger used to do that to me all the it is allowing me to do spaces...blogger is goofy

i LOVE your little angel!!!

LMAO about the brownie box!!! hee hee hee!!!

Bejeweled said...

Sorry to hear about your Father-in-law. I hope everything is OK with him. Sending good wishes his way!

And lol on the brownie box .. my boys would totally do the same thing :)

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I wanna brownie!

Wishing you the best tomorrow. Thoughts and prayers.



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