Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Free Image Tuesday....8 Random Things....

This is another full plate tintype that is a copy of another photograph. Look at those sweeties!!! I love everything about this picture. Their plaid dresses, their solemn expressions and the way that someone painted the lace on the little one's pantaloons. Just lovely. I hope you will use it in your art and share with us.

Sweet Fran Welch at Ethereal Art tagged me to share 8 random facts/habits about me on the blog. As much as I love to ramble, and you know I do, it was a hard assignment. So here are my random things:
  • I always eat one thing at a time on my plate. I don't mix my food. I start with my least favorite thing and always save my favorite thing for last.
  • I can imitate the cry of a newborn baby with scary precision. Just ask Cheryl. I gave her New Mommy flashbacks!
  • I question what I am doing with this whole art thing about a million times a day.
  • I am a caretaker, nurturer type person and I am learning to put my needs first a little bit each day.
  • I can't whistle.
  • I am a voracious reader and I read my favorite books over and over and over:) They are comfortable, like old friends.
  • I was a second grade teacher for 10 years before I had children. I love to teach and the beginning of the school year is hard for me because that's when I miss it the most.
  • I had my tonsils removed when I was fifteen and again when I was 34 after they GREW BACK!

I apologize for being absent lately on your blogs. Please know that even if I am not commenting I have been thinking of all of you daily. I have been getting ready to open an ETSY store and share some of my wonderful vintage things with you. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful image that you have shared with us! Thanks!
Don't feel as if you need to appologize for not being able to post. We all are busy at time. I'm just glad that you post when you can. :) *HUGS*

Erin Earls said...

Oh I can't wait for the shop! How great. I think everyone who does any arting questions it. I love that someone else eats one thing at a time, and I can't whistle either.

Lori said...

Horray!!! News about the etsy store!!! You know I can't wait!!! What is your most favorite book? I read "to kill a mockingbird" every year, i just love that story!!! tonsils growing back??? sheesh, i hope that doesn't happen to me, i had mine out at 19 and it was hell!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey hey hey!

Ok, that's it. I totally need to get off my arse and get a new printer.
I have lived without a printer for far too long...

Tonsils grow back? Ut oh.

blisswarrior said...

enjoying your blog...
from a fellow texan...

Cheryl said...

Hey, I can't whistle either.
Wanna hear my new nickname?
Stitches. ;-)


fran said...

hi jamie-thanks for paticipating in the 8 questions. i like knowing random things about you!!! who knew tonsils grow back-and does this contribute to the crying baby imitation?? hummm and let me know how etsy goes. it should be awesome for you! big bold wishes for a prosperous venture.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

LisaOceandreamer said...

# I am a caretaker, nurturer type person and I am learning to put my needs first a little bit each day.
# I can't whistle.
Me too, me too!
I'd love to hear you do the baby cry!
Don't worry about visiting...we know you'll be around at some point. I should be doing what you're doing, readying my Etsy shop. That's next after I redo my studio!
Sending hugs,


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