Monday, August 06, 2007

Good Morning!!!!...

Thank you all for the well wishes for Mom's birthday and Dad's surgery recovery! Mom's birthday was awesome. She got hit on by a 20-something lad who had a crush on her! Way to go girl! And she won 300 bucks!Yeah Mom!!!!
Dad is doing great! He feels so much better and I told him all the sweet thoughts you all sent:) He sees the doctor again today to have his drain removed and to make sure the infection is completely gone. That was too close for comfort Daddy! Don't do it again! LOL!!
On to business! Literally. I opened an ETSY shop called Art-e-ology this weekend. Special thanks to Cheryl who helped add my store name to my collage. I couldn't have done this without her and I am lucky to call her friend.
I am busy adding more items to the shop this morning. I am so excited to be offering my wonderful antique ephemera and vintage mixed media supplies to you. Take a peek if you get a chance! And thanks so much to Karin who stopped by and made my first order!! Thanks Sweetie! It's on the way!


Lori said...

Hello Sweet Friend, I am so happy for you AND for everyone who gets to own a piece of your lovingly collected ephemera and other assorted goodies. Sounds like your mother had a very lively birthday!!! Good for her. And so glad dad is doing well.

Cheryl said...

What ya doin up so early girl? Love the shoppe!
And your mom just sounds like a hoot!


Angela said...

WOW! Your mother has some wonderful luck! $300.00 and a 20yr old hit on her! WOOO HOOO!
I'm glad that your father is doing ok. :) Wonderful post! I'm going to your etsy store now. I wanta check it out! :)I'm so glad that you have one. :)
Wonderful post!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I am out of the loop! Glad to hear your Dad is doing well and best wishes with the shop. Gonna go take a peek. Love your recent artwork posted - darling as always!

karin (creativechaos) said...

And THANK YOU!!! I was so confused this morning when I saw the 'Payment received". I was wondering why they were sending that email again!!! And then I took a closer look....Big Hugs! I can't wait to get my paper. It may have been your first sale....but it certainly won't be my last purchase :)


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