Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas FIT...Cancelled Surgery and Gingerbread Cookies...

Victorian Scrap from my collection
(This is a .jpeg image)

(This is a .PNG image and if you open it in Photoshop I have erased the background for you:)

Happy Holidays everyone!!  We are all hanging in here.  James and David have both had strep and bronchitis.  It was really dicey with James for about a week, but no hospital trip this time!  And no pneumonia!!!  When the asthma is bad like that it is like having a newborn again.  Up every 3-4 hours for treatments.  I just sleep with him to make it easier.  I have to say that this year has been wonderful for James in terms of the asthma.  We got his eczema under control and it has made a HUGE difference in his symptoms.  He has been healthier this year more than any other year since he was born.  I have to credit his asthma specialist Dr. June Zhang.  She really listens to and loves James.  Thanks Dr. June!!!!

Unfortunately, we had to cancel David's Tymplanoplasty until he clears up and is better.  You can't cough or sneeze during your recovery time and David's cough is terrible right now.  Poor Bunny!  The doctor is thinking maybe the 29th.  At least he won't be in pain on Christmas day so that is a real blessing.  Today I am attempting to make and decorate gingerbread cookies from scratch.  I have never baked a cookie from scratch in my entire life.  The boys will be my helpers and my Mom is here to help too.  So, I will take photos of the mayhem for you:)

EDITED TO ADD:  I made gingerbread cookies!!!  From scratch!!!  I have NEVER baked anything from scratch.  The boys and Mom helped with the mixing and rolling and cutting.  Then after they were all baked we sat down at the table with tons of sprinkles and icing.  SO MUCH FUN!  But, boy am I tired!!  My husband said I only did it so I could decorate them.  He knows me so well;)

The rest of this grouping are postcards from my collection. You know how I can never pass by a bird with out grabbing it! LOL!! I hope you love them! Love, Jamie


TheresainMS said...

Oh Jamie, these are beautiful! So glad the boys are on the mend. Maybe Santa will bring renewed good health for the new year; wouldn't that be the best gift for all of us?!

Have a great weekend!


Terri Kahrs said...

So happy to hear that your family is feeling better. Hopefully David will be feeling well enough for surgery soon. LOVE the PNG file! Thank you so much for your generosity! Love the birds too. May you have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas and a New Year filled with good health and MUCH happiness! Holiday Hugs, Terri xoxo

PS Oooooh! I think I smell the spicy aroma of gingerbread coming from your blog and wafting its way over to mine! LOL! Have fun baking!!! Baking cookies from scratch is addicting!

Gail said...

Thanks so much for the lovely images...I'll be using the first one to make a gift for my MIL! Glad the boys are on the mend, we've been sick too and it's so not fun at this time of year! Too much to do....have a lovely Christmas my friend!

justjan said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I LOVE these bird images!!!! I have "birds" scattered throughout my entire home in the form of hanging art, tapestries, plates, table decor, stone figurines etc....subtle, but it's THERE! LOL I can't wait to use these images for something, if only to add to a journal to place on a table somewhere....thank you ever so much!!! Hope your son feels better's been a long time since my two were at that stage....they too loved decorating gingerbread men!

Kim Mailhot said...

Sorry the icky sickies are still around your place but it sounds like yuou are all making the best of it ! ;) Cute gingerbread cookies - bravo for doing your first batch ! I agree - decorating is the best part !
I hope you and your family have a cozy joy-filled holiday, lovely Jamie !
Big Love to you !
(ps - thanks for all the gorgeous freebies !)

Jen Crossley said...

Hope everyone is feeling better,soon.YOur gingerbread cookies look yummy.
Happy christmas to you and I hope you have a wonderful and creative 2010

Rella said...

Great job on the cookies!!!!

love and hugs ~ RElla

Laurie said...

Beautiful birds, lovely cookies, and it sounds like you had so much fun! I'm sorry about all the illnesses but happy to hear your boys are overall healthier!

Linda L. said...

Awwwww, these are darling, thanks much.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Thank you for the birds I love them. I am going to use them in one of my new journals for next year.
I am so sorry to hear of your boys illness. Never fun. Please let us know how things go on the 29th. Until them I hope you all have a wonderful first Christmas in your new home and a very Happy New Year!

Amy said...

I used the image on my blog..thanks!!
Pretty sweet cookies you made.


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