Wednesday, December 09, 2009

FIW....And The Saddest Little Gingerbread Houses in the World....LOL!!!...

I know it's Wednesday, but James and I have strep throat!!  Yucky!!  We got antibiotics yesterday.  The doctor was nice enough to give me a script for David too.  Just in case!!!  His surgery is next Tuesday and he can not be sick or they will cancel it.  He is finally getting his eardrum repaired.  Poor Sweetie.  He has really been through it with that for almost a year.  Hopefully this graft will stay put and we can move on with fun things like recess and sports:)

Here are what's left of the gingerbread houses!  Notice the teeth marks.  LOL!!  I am being pretty lax about the boys eating them because I know David is not going to feel like eating it next week.  I think David's would make a good manger scene!!  LOL!!!!!

The FITs for this week are two more of my Seeborn egg prints.  I love them so:)


I hope everyone is staying sane over the holiday hoopla and enjoying the good cheer:)  Love, Jamie

Quotes for the Day:

"Why is Christmas just like a day at the office? You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit." 

"What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus? Claustrophobic."



Gail said...

LOL at those houses, if you have kids you've been there....way to look on the bright side though about the manger...looks good.
As always thanks for the lovely FITS, they're gorgeous!
Hope you feel better, I've been down with something too that has really knocked me for a loop...starting to feel a bit better today.

Pam said...

Oh no, they are very sad looking houses! lol. Bet they tasted good though.
Thanks for the lovely images Jamie, and love the quotes! Very funny. :))

TheresainMS said...

Hope all of you are feeling better very soon! Thanks for the images :-)

Linda Cain said...

I made one that look quite similar last year with my granddaughter at her school for GP's day.

We carefully got it home and on the counter so it could dry...long story short, her little sister got to it and ate all the gumdrops off!

Ya gotta love 'em!


cindy said...

Jamie Jam! Sorry to hear about the Strep...NOT fun! Seems like i used to get that junk all the time. Thanks for the egg em. And hey, it does make a cool gingerbread manger.

yapping cat

Jodie LeJeune said...

Ha! I am certainly NOT Claustrophobic when it comes to Santa!!! too cute!
I hope all are well in time for surgery...poor little thing!
The houses are too cute and look delish. It's almost a shame to bite into them!!!
Take care and feel better, you have a busy week next week!
everything vintage

Terri Kahrs said...

Oh, Jamie! So sorry to hear that you're all sick with strep. Hope the antibiotics kick in quickly. Love those gingerbread houses - especially the manger! What a great idea. Healing hugs, Terri xoxo

Tami Roth said...

I hope you are both feeling better-that is no fun especially during this busy time of year!!! I hope the surgery goes well next week too-we'll be thinking good thoughts for everyone :) Those gingerbread houses do look very tasty-yum!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

OMG I did not know that gingerhouses where really edible . I though you but stuff in them to make them reaaly hard !! HMMM Those nibblers must have been hungry

Lori said...

girlie, i didn't know you were sick too...poor you...i hope those antibiotics kick the strep's butt...and you are better soon...all of you!!!

Lori said...


the manger?


Tammy said...

I am sorry that you and David have strep throat. I pray that his graft will take this time. Poor little fella. What a trouper he has been. And you too.


peggy gatto said...

I love the houses , it makes a memory!
FYI, you won an ornament on by 1000th post giveaway! Your address please!!!!

Amy. said...

Loved your jokes and the kids' gingerbread houses!! Please get well soon. Hope all goes well with the surgery and recovery this time.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Jamie!!! The houses are so precious, you're such a good mama to let them make these!!! I do hope your son's feeling so much better by now and that the strep ended there. Thank you always for the beautiful images, you know I LOVE these!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Miss jane said...



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