Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Photoshop CS4 and Starting All Over Again...

Communing with the Dead

Digital art piece, "Communing with the Dead".
Copyright Jamie Miller July 25, 2009
click image to see full piece on Flicker

I bought myself Adobe Creative Suite 4 and now I am learning PhotoShop ALL over again!! I must be a glutton for punishment:) I have been doing what did before and just using trial and error and watching some Adobe tutorials with a really cute Canadian dude. This is my first practice piece. While it was not exactly what I was going for, it did let me stretch my comfort zone a little.

I think it is important to share the mistakes and the triumphs in our art journeys. Sometimes my worst mistakes have opened the door to my greatest discoveries. I used to have a regular post called, "Bad Art" and I focused on the pieces I was the least happiest with at the time. It was freeing to call it what it was and move on to something else. I have a really bad habit of becoming "stuck" and not doing what's in my head because I don't think I can give it justice in real life. It is the doubter in me. The negative Jamie saying this is frivolous and of no merit. I am working on quelling that Jamie. I am learning that nothing is impossible and everything I envision can be given a voice. Even if it's not a perfect one. That's ok. As long as I keep trying and experimenting and moving forward in this journey. This fabulously scary and completely exhilarating journey.

Quotes for Today:

In the end, the only people who fail are those who don't try."
~David Viscott

"If you haven’t failed, you’re not trying hard enough."

" Do or do not. There is no try."


Terri Kahrs said...

I'm SO happy you posted this piece! Your learning curve may be smaller than you think because this piece is awesome! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Linda Cain said...

Haunting piece!!! LOVE IT!!!!
I like to quote Yoda to my grandkids when they whine that they'll try....Ha..mean old NANA.

But, hey, another is, "if you're tryin', you're lying." Kind of heartless, but it gets the point across.

I so want to get PHotoshop. The oldest GD has it and is off to collage. So where is mine you ask.

Be Well, and keep up the great work.

Lumilyon said...

Well Jamie, I especially love how you have created the ghost with the photograph of the two figures (I understand how you've done that and it's very effective) I know what you mean about posting things you're so happy with. I began doing that, not long ago but I don't ever say if I'm happy with it, just take a deep breath and put it out there. I'm amazed at how many positive responses the pieces get and I'm delighted with the positive responses but what I find interesting is that it never changes my mind about not being happy with the work, but publishing often helps me to see exactly what I'm displeased with, whereas it was perhaps not so easy before I let the world cast eyes over it. Do you find this? Is CS4 THAT different???? What is it? More features? The interface? I really need to keep up to speed!

Tammara said...

Hang in there, you're going to LOVE CS4. The updated clone tool is fabulous! A really good reference book is "How to Cheat at Photoshop CS4," it comes with clear instructions on preforming a wide variety of cool effects, and a CD of cool images to work with.

Lori said...

Jamie, your digital piece is amazing!!! you are really having fun with your new photo~shop toy!!! i like what you said about trying new things in your post body...the quotes you shared are perfect!!!

Kim Mailhot said...

I love this post - that honest struggle between what we see as our good or our bad art is so on going - but remembering that it is the process and the experience that is the key and not only the end products is what seems to bring the "real" art into the artist's life.
Love your haunting piece, Miss Jamie ! Happy Sunday !

Charlene said...

Jamie I am having a terrible time with Photoshop Elements 6. Do you have that version? I am signed up in a class with Gail Schmidt but she has version 5 & is not able to understand my problems. If you had 6 would you help me? I love what you have done with this piece today. And I too have that alter ego that does not think well of things I do. I thought it was just because I am a gemini.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I love the piece you created and good luck with learning new software. I still bounce between PSP and PS because of features I feel comfortable using. As for the always helps when the "dude" is cute! :)

Her Art Nest said...

Hi Jamie,
Congratulations to you!! I am so happy to announce that you won my grand prize. I didn't know another way to contact you to let you know that you won Giveaway #1 on my blog's one-year anniversary celebration. Please email me at with your address. Thanks, Nan

Tami Roth said...

WOW-a beauty this is!!! I am having a hard time believing that you have a 'bad art' file, sweetie!!! Hugs to you!

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

Jamie, I'm so glad you entered my blog giveaway and I hope you win!

I LOVE this piece! i love spooky things so this is right up my alley. Great work for the first time.

xoxo, jan

(i don't have your email address, thus leaving my comment about the blog giveaway here)

cindy said...

Wonderful pic...hauntingly beautiful! But the Yoda quote..hands down...perfect! :D

yapping cat

House of Hullabaloo said...

I love it! I wish I could create something this beautiful and spiritful!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Wow love what you are doing with the digital art Communing with the dead . Did you see my post late spring about the Houston funeral museum I visited? Also thanks for the quote you left as a comment it is in a frame in one of my rooms but you re-reminded me of it and that helped


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