Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family of Four FIT...

Thank you, Thank you All, for the wonderful welcome back to Blogland!!  I am having "issues" with posting comments.   Some go through and some do not, but I am working on it:)

Here are quick FITs for this beautiful Tuesday.  These are four tintypes of a very lovely family.  I love how the frames tie them all in together.  The Sister seems very regal.  I love her.  Now,  away with you!!!   Go make Art!!!  Love, Jamie


Terri Kahrs said...

Ohhhh! They're all so wonderful!!! Thank you, Jamie! And, yes, I understand that Blogger has been throwing a royal hissy fit lately. At least most of us are all in the same boat!!! (Misery loves company!!!) Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

Robin said...

Welcome back to blogging! Thanks for sharing these wonderful images.


Tiedupmemories said...

Hey Janie,
Good to see you stopping by my blog. Ya never know when I'm going to be blogging! Awesome images as always. So much inspiration that you share!!Thank you! Have great day!

Dorthe said...

Dear Jamie, thankyou, they are fantastic- and some of them a bit scarry :) I wonder what hard lives they have had!
I had problems with commenting,too- but now using anonymous button and not the google account... where I have the problem...
Hugs, Dorthe

margits bastelstube said...

hi jamie,
i found your blog in the www...
he ist beautiful!
but, pls tell me what is FIT ???
many greetings from austria

Joanna said...

Brilliant images, interesting how Mum is the only one looking at the camera (with the ghost of a smile on her lips?!).

Thank you,



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