Monday, March 22, 2010

Ready For Spring, Now?...Yes, Please...

Well.  I certainly hope that is the last of the snow! It is totally gone now except for the giant snowball in the backyard. The boys were SO excited to get to play in snow again.
I. Was. Not.

Do you know how much more laundry snow creates when you have no regular snow outfits??? Or snow boots???  As you can see by this photo I wrapped the boys' socks in plactic grocery bags and then put on their shoes to keep their feet dry.

Mother of the Year, Folks! LOL!!

It's all just an endless cycle of play outside, get soaking wet, come inside for hot chocolate while Mom dries your shoes/gloves/coats in the dryer, put on new clothes, rinse and repeat. So. Please stay away snow. We are done with you. I don't know how you Gals who live with lots of snow do it!! My hats off to you:)

Digital collage by Jamie Miller

New digital piece starring Mr. Creepy/Beautiful. You can find him in the FITS too:) Love, Jamie


Amelia said...

we have finally had some sunshine here recently and I am so grateful!!! Been the longest, coldest winter ever it feels!

Like the digital collage here too.


Gail said...

Oh Jamie!
I do feel your pain...I would be so sick of snow too! We only get snow here in our valley about every other year and it doesn't usually last too long, so I know all about not having the "proper" clothing for the little ones. It's a pain in the tush having to clean all those clothes because they just want to keep going out all day's hoping you have some gentle warm breezes soon :).
Love your new weird FIT!

Diane said...

Do you live in the North Pole?! I think that we're all ready for Spring!!

Terri Kahrs said...

What a Grrrr-eat Mom, you are, Jamie! I know just how much of a pain snow can be (had four kids). But think of the happy memories they'll have. Bet they're sleeping very well too! LOL!!! The crocuses are out here in Northern NJ, so spring can't be very far away from you!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Andrea said...

Finally the sun is out here today in OK! Will be 70 tomorrow. YEAH!!!Spring is right around the corner! I love your artwork!!!

Lori said...

LOVE LOVE your collage Miss is fabulous...oh, it just started thundering and lightening like are having snow...and i am having my first thunderstorm of the new year...kind of fits the mood i am in today, if you know what i mean...

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Well, Jamie, Unlike we Texans, those who live insnowy climates actually OWN apprpriate snow gear...but then, are they really as creative as we? I absolutely believe you should get mother of the year for thinking to use Kroger bags on their feet! So clever. I'm just glad I wasn't there to smell those stinky feet after sweating in them! P.S. Next time you post a creepy image like this, please please please give warning! This guy freaked me out! :) I accidentally saw parts of a scary movie, My Bloody Valentine, when I was about 7 years old. To this day gas masks freak me out! Just teasin' ya. I love all your posts!

Kim Mailhot said...

We live where there is usually lots of snow but somehow the world is up side down and we are getting lots and lots of rain instead. Everyone here has absoluetly no faith that the white stuff won't fail to visit again before the tulips and daffodils bloom but I am trying to!
Sorry for your plight ! May it all melt away quickly !

Tami Roth said...

Creativity at its best, Jamie!!! Dry feet and good times!!


Sandra said...

Still snowing, still winter here as well. sigh.

VBR said...

One thing that is a positive for all that snow is that you have posted some simply beautiful photos here to share with us! Your blog is just wonderful!

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

Jamie, this digital piece is a SCREAM. You are such a mess!! :)

I hope you're doing well!
Are you going to P.C. this summer??
You must say "of course!!" :)



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