Monday, November 09, 2009

Mail Love and Free Image Monday...

Look at the lovely art canvas Sweet Tami Roth created for me!!!! She is participating in the Random Acts of Kindness for 2009 and boy was this a wonderful surprise! I love the vibrant colors and the sweet message. I haven't forgotten about my RAK girl!! We have until Dec. 31st, right? LOL!!!!! Run over to her blog and see all her wonderful creations:)
Inspire by Tami Roth

Ok. On to business.

1. Old house sold. We were on pins and needles towards the end, but it all worked out:)

2. New house almost unpacked. (You will be hearing this for the next year or two! LOL!!)

3. I am blessed. I have the most wonderful blog friends. Thank you each and every one of you. I know my time here has been limited of late, but your comments and emails mean so very much to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

So how about Free Image Monday today and Free Image Tuesday tomorrow? How does that sound? You won't know what to do with yourselves! LOL!! I have some really sweet photos for you. (Don't forget you can access all past FIT images by clicking on the button on my sidebar.)

This is a RPPC (Real Photo Post Card) and I am really in love with the border framing thisLittle Miss. It would make a great Photoshop frame.

Ok. This little Guy is just screaming for a party hat!!! Don't you think? Even though he is wearing a big bow and a dress, he is still all boy! LOL!!

Look at this Sweetie all ready for the cold weather in his peacoat! I cleaned him up a bit, but left the frame shabby for you.


Tina said...

Jamie!! good to see you! hope the new house is all that you want and things are going well your way! thanks for the fits!! they are wonderful!! miss you ;) t

Kim Mailhot said...

Beautiful gifties - thanks Jamie !
Glad to know the move/sale/set up is still going well !
Hugs, lovely One !

Linda L. said...

So kind of you to share. Thanks!

Pam said...

Great images! Thank you for sharing them. Some of those old postcards are just lovely aren't they? Managed to pick a couple up myself last week, along with two vintage pics of women. My plan was to put them up on my blog to share, but haven't got there yet!! lol.

Lori said...

Jamie, what a beautiful collage from Tami!!! i love your fits...the way that second little guy is sitting cracks me up!!!

Kate said...

That little girl on Tami's canvas is one of my favorite images, I swear!

Anji Johnston said...

So glad to hear all your good news and great to see you blogging again! Love ALL the photos - can't wait to use some in my artwork (if I ever get around to creating any!).

Tess said...

Wonderful that all has gone well for you. Thanks for the pics, they are charming. I love that little guy in the peacoat.

TheresainMS said...

Jamie! So good to see you on here. These images are perfect and I'm so wanting to hurry up and make something with them. Gorgeous; thank you so much!

Big ole hugs Girlfriend!


Tami Roth said...

Hi Jamie!!! We miss you but know that you've been super busy lately!! I'm so glad you received my little prezzy and liked it too :) I was hoping that sending it right now wouldn't cause too much more added work, but I thought maybe the hammer and nails were out already if you wanted to hang it-hee!
Love the new images of children-look how that cute little boy is sitting on that chair-love it! Hugs to you,


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