Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We Are Not FIT, but Here is Your FIT!

BOTH of the boys are sick!!! They were sick last week, but I was just thinking it was a cold. They both became worse over the weekend. I took them in yesterday to the doctors and James has bronchitis and David has pneumonia! Poor buddies:( I have not slept since Saturday night. Poor Mommy:( So now they BOTH get breathing treatments, steroids and antibiotics. I have to admit that hearing David wheezing for the first time was really scary. I am used to James wheezing with the asthma, but not David. So here we are all tired and resting:) There was a little girl in the doctor's waiting room yesterday throwing up with the stomach flu, so I am waiting on that too! That chicken soup is as close as I am getting to homemade. We picked it up at the deli yesterday:)
Here is the FIT for the week. I found this about a month ago. I am still on the fence about the gender of this cutie. I can't tell, so I am researching the clothing. This is a Carte de Vista photo from the civil war. I am really in love with it. It seems very ethereal to me.


Lori said...

oh, your poor little lambs:( i hope they feel better soon...and poor mommy too:(
that's a very cute fit!!! i just LOVE that voluminous dress!!!

A bird in the hand said...

oh, poor babies! Get well very very soon. xoxo

P.S. The photo: the child looks male...

Ali said...

Healthy 'kangaroo' wishes to your boys Jamie! and thanks for the FIT!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Ohhhhh nooooooooo! I wish speedy recovery for the sweethearts and rest for you, Pet. Lots of rest!!

e-mail me at faerieluna at cox.net regarding 'Songs' if you are still interested. I plan on putting her up on Friday night.

xo Rella

Sarah said...

Hi Jamie sorry to hear that your boys are so poorly, theres nothing worse than when your little ones are ill.sending then lots of get well hugs. love the FIT. take care xx


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