Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Having a FIT and You Can Have One Too! LOL!!

I really like how you have been calling Free Image Tuesdays FIT in your comments. So have a FIT on me:) LOL!! These three images are gem type tintype photos. They are tiny (I put a 1917 dime beside them for comparison) only about 1" by 1". Aren't they lovely? They are so small that I didn't even know the young lady on the right was wearing glasses until I enlarged my scan! These would make some awesome jewelry! Tintypes are by far my favorite type of photograph. They have such clarity and an ethereal quality at the same time. Their faces seem so defiant. Like they are staring across time demanding that you acknowledge their existence. Ya'll must think I have flipped my lid! Don't worry. I could wax poetic about my Adopted Ancestors all day long! LOL!!

Speaking of waxing poetic... Do you ever feel like life is moving so fast that you can't keep up? That's how I feel lately. I have so many things I want/need to do and I can't get them done. I am caught in Cheryl's "hamster wheel" and I am making myself dizzy. One thing I am not doing is Arting and I really miss it. I have to do it, it keeps me stable:) The other thing I have not been doing is blogging. I was up at 2 am this morning (insomnia) and I visited every blog on my sidebar. Do you know what it felt like? It felt like home and it felt sad. I have missed so much. I have been taking way more than I have been giving lately. But, I guess that's how friendship works. Sometimes you will need to lean and sometimes I will need to lean and together we will not fall too hard. Love You Guys:) Jamie

Oh, PS-The background I used for the FIT is coming to a mail box near you:)


Lori said...

hey Miss Texas, i thought i was on that hamster wheel all by my lonesome...i'm glad to know i have some company, maybe we can help each other jump off...:)

SHARI said...

Love these!! Thanks for sharing them.
-shari schneider

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I can so relate! Last night I fell asleep at 8:45 pm - woke up at 5:30 and I have a few minutes to blog before going to work. I miss creative time too! Maybe there is a magic hamster wheel we can all find that allows creative and blogging time! :) thanks for the free images - lovely as always!

sanny said...


Thank you for always sharing those beautiful images, I LOVE them!!!!!
Today I used one of them for a challenge, the theme was children. I put a link to your blog in my blogpost, hope that is OK with you !!
Thanks again!! :)

Robolady said...

Great Blog, love your free images. Of course you can link to my site. the more the merrier.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh they are sooo pretty! Thanks for sharing them with us! *HUGS*

A bird in the hand said...

Jamie! If you ever put them up for sale (or any other teeny tiny tintypes) please let me know!!!!


Karin (creativechaos) said...

Don't you hate how life gets in the way of blogging!!! miss ya!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

You are so sweet to share with us all!! So many great photos here to play with!

The Decorated House said...

Hi Jamie!
I'm so happy that you sent the blog addy in my package so I could find you.

How generous of you to share you photos! Most of them are coming through excellent. Especially the last one, higher res.
The only one that shows pixels is the one of the lady alone (Oct 9th) due the resolution size.

Hey, am I too late for the wonderful L****R giveaway??? Save me some to go with my next purchase. :)

Come by and sign up for my Halloween Give Away!

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Jamie Dear,
Don't feel badly about not keeping up with blogging, arting. You will find the time again. I think we all need to slow down a little anyway, and try to be more in the momen--I know I need to.

Thank you for the wonderful freebie tintype imagery.

You are such a sweetie!


Mary-Beth said...

Hi Jamie, I found your blog through Nancy M.J.'s and I too have to add my thank yous for the images. They are wonderful!

I'm in the same boat with arting, no time and about 5 commitments on my table. It just seems to take a back seat to everything else every once in a while.

I'm going to link to you on my blog if that's O.K.

Darlene said...

Wow - Those 3 girls are so elegant!!!! Thank you for sharing.

I also feel I never have enough time. It's all those boring things (cleaning, etc) that get in the way.

Best, Darlene

FrostingsNSparkles said...

I feel your pain, Jamie! I wanted to visit all of the blogs that I regular, and I only made it to four today! I love your FITs (LOL!) I always save them, thinking "Ooooh, I know I'll make something tomorrow!" but my tomorrows are about 3 weeks long (got any room on that wheel? I've missed you sweetie!!

Robolady said...

Jamie I got the goodies today. You really didn't have to do that. I've left positive on your etsy. I didn't kow you were in Rockwall. I grew up in Garland.

melissa @ the inspired room said...

That ledger paper is SO COOL! Lots of stuff you have here is very cool! I like it!


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